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Our Hegars [hemp cigars] are truly the original 100% hemp cigar. No tobacco EVER, high CBD hemp flower wrapped in hemp fan leaf. The way it should be. Everything else is an imitation.

CBD Oil and Extracts

Acme Hemp Labs CBD Oil is different than most CBD Oil out there. While other CBD Oil companies built an empire with their quality CBD, they too soon relaxed and started selling low quality CBD. The big secret that the CBD industry doesn't want you to know about. Overtime, the genetics of many CBD Oil companies will basically run dry and almost become snake oil, as many people try it they get turned off to CBD thinking it's just a passing fade. Acme Hemp Labs CBD Oil is ALWAYS at its peak quality and that's why so many keep reordering from us.


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We are the Original Cannagar/Magar and Hemp Cigar company since 2010. Our Hemp Cigars are 100% Hemp, meaning we DO NOT use Blunts or Wraps EVER. We are completely tobacco and nicotine free ALWAYS.

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THC Limits 0.3% or Lower No Exceptions! We make no health claims for our products! 18+ or legal smoking age to order.