StoicWears Apparel

StoicWears is an off branch apparel brand created for those who are serious thinkers. We believe this brand matches Acme Hemp Labs and those who love to smoke hemp cigars. The time between admiring your unlit hemp cigar to the last puff you take before putting it out are some of the most serene periods of time in life, and whats a better time to think like a Stoic when you're enjoying a high CBD hemp cigar from Acme Hemp Labs?

StoicWears is for those who ponder about life, death and always act in accordance of good will towards men. StoicWears was created for people who want to spread inspiring words of wisdom as well as help themselves remember important concepts about taking responsiblity to letting things go that you can't change and instead using those challenges to your advantage to become better.

As Stoic Author Ryan Holiday's book says: "The Obstacle is the Way".


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NOW ONLY: $7.99

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